“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” 

– Alan Lakein

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There are a number of sources that are likely to contribute towards your income in retirement:





Sale of a business or assets

Centrelink Age Pension

The way in which you structure your assets in the leed up to retirement is crucial when planning a tax effective retirement to ensure you gain the most out of what you have worked hard all of your life to achieve.

Leaving the planning to the last minute is often not ideal, especially when there are significant tax advantages to holding a majority of your wealth inside the superannuation environment.

The current Superannuation legislation has been changed over recent years to prevent people from making large contributions to superannuation at the last minute. It is therefore crucial to your long term financial health in retirement to devise a plan from an early stage to firstly maximize and then ensure the adequacy and longevity and of your retirement income.


Our health and time are the most important commodities we have. Our families depend on our ability to earn an income over our working life. It makes sense to insure your ability to earn an income, to ensure that you and your family can survive financially in the event of death, a serious illness or disability.

Protecting your wealth is as important as building it. When recommending insurance we take into consideration your financial position as well as your lifestyle requirements. The types of products available include Life Cover, Total & Permanent Disability, Income Protection and Trauma Cover.


Transferring your life’s work to those you wish requires planning. Ensuring a lasting legacy for your family is an emotional and complex task. We will guide you through a conversation about control, equity and fairness so that you can pass the baton in a planned and orderly way.

To ensure we create a comprehensive Estate Plan we will discuss issues such as:

Who should take control of my affairs

Is wealth to remain in your bloodline?

When and how will my heirs take control of assets?

What kind of trusts should I include in my estate plan?

Is my Estate Plan tax effective?

As part of this process we will also discuss attorney and guardianship powers and health directives to ensure the loss of legal capacity does not stop your affairs from being attended to appropriately.


Our Investment Committee employs a rigorous investment selection process guided by specialist asset consultants. Underpinning our investment advice are individually tailored portfolios designed to give clients the best chance of achieving their required outcomes. Portfolios are critically reviewed regularly to ensure that the assets are performing true to label. The committee meets at quarterly intervals and will act swiftly in communicating any response and actions required to changes in the investment landscape in the interim periods should circumstances warrant.

We build portfolios around the framework outlined below;

Asset Allocation is the Key Driver of Returns

Markets Work

Independent Research is More Reliable than Industry Research

Risk and Return are Related

Effective Diversification Reduces Volatility of Returns

Past Performance is an Unreliable Predictor of Future Performance

Tax and Costs Impact Performance

Effective Implementation Adds Value

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