Our story begins in the 1970’s when Don Kennerly & John Nicholson started “Kennerly Nicholsons” in West Perth. Kennerly Nicholsons fast became the largest untied firm in Perth.

The firm remained based in West Perth until the 1980’s at which time they merged with Ernst & Whinneys. As part of this move many of the staff relocated to the city.

Meanwhile, Don Kennerly moved on to private consulting. Known for his personal touch and great PR skills, Don built strong loyal relationships with many clients and in the late 1980’s he decided to return to his roots in West Perth and start Kennerlys.

Joining him in this venture was our longest serving team member, Sue Peterson, who had worked with Don at Kennerly Nicholsons.

Kennerlys as it stands now commenced on the 15th of June 1990.


Don remained at the heart of Kennerlys until 2000 at which time he re-entered retirement for a second time and a new custodian was formed to run the firm, Angus Plummer. By this stage, Kennerlys had become a well-known and respected firm that was innovative and progressive in tax consulting and other accounting services.

Angus was aware of its enviable reputation and saw potential for growth, bringing with him an entrepreneurial approach that saw a focus on developing new concepts and ideas that could move Kennerlys forward.

In 2006, Angus decided to bring in another Partner to Kennerlys. Angus had always acted as a custodian for the business and Kennerlys needed someone who was young and full of fresh ideas, and able to provide continuity for the company to take it forward into the 21st Century. For this task he chose Lejo Ouwendyk.

Being an energetic ideas man, Lejo has enabled Kennerlys to become an innovator in Enterprise Development services and Kennerlys are proud to be able to offer such tailored solutions and personal service to our business clients.



In December 2018, Kennerlys lost our beloved Director, Sue Peterson when she passed away unexpectedly after complications during her cancer treatment.

This has been a terrible shock for Sue’s immediate family and our Kennerlys family.

Sue has left an incredible legacy and her hard-working, no-fuss, down-to-earth values will stay with our team and be reflected in everything we do for our clients such as yourselves, and your families. 

It’s now our honour to carry on Sue’s legacy as we continue to give you, our valued clients the very best of Kennerlys and make Sue proud.


Kennerlys has been supporting and providing services to prominent and successful Perth business people since its inception. A testament to our client service, many clients have been with us for 20 even 30+ years and we have handled their affairs through the generations of their family businesses.

Our commitment shown to our clients over the past 30 years and dedication to timely service and quality is to be continued whilst adapting with the times to offer our clients innovative solutions

We specialise in Taxation, Superannuation, Family Business and Enterprise Development services and are dedicated to helping our clients achieve both their business objectives and personal ambitions. Our services are provided within a professional, approachable and caring environment where quality team members have the opportunity to work with clients who value our skills and culture.

The Kennerlys team is currently headed up by Lejo Ouwendyk who has been Managing Director since 2006. Supporting Lejo is a dedicated team of professional & administration staff who are passionate about providing our clients with the best service possible.

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