Kennerlys is here to help you through this 

In a year like no other, 2020 has challenged everyone both personally and professionally.

We’ve had to focus on how to best protect our families, businesses, employees, customers and the wider community, as we navigate this ‘new normal’. 

What we have seen here at Kennerlys, is that with fear and uncertainty, the Australian spirit is alive and well. More and more people are supporting their local businesses. 

It’s refreshing to see that many businesses have pivoted to adopt different inputs into their supply chain and operations. From seeing cafes adopt take-away only, to the many of us experiencing working & learning from home for many weeks at a time, many industries have had to change how they do business in order to survive.

I believe that navigating now through this pandemic is more important than ever. Knowing the cashflow cycle of your business is absolutely necessary and being able to reduce your cashflow cycle now could be the difference between you surviving the next 12 months or not.

Kennerlys has always maintained that successful businesses have very good relationships with their clients and suppliers.For most businesses it is in these relationships that lies the key to reducing your cashflow cycle. This is all about how can you reduce the time it takes to collect payment of your invoices, or on the flipside, maintain or increase the time you may need to pay your suppliers. 

As our government stimulus packages like jobkeeper and the cashflow boost is now nearing its end, managing cashflow is going to be the difference between those that make it and those that don’t. 

For many of us we have been embracing technology to adapt to the changes thrown at us during this pandemic. Technology has offered so many solutions to keeping businesses and people connected. Working remotely has been widespread, and it’s from being physically separated during the pandemic that people have developed the desire to create a better quality of life & engage in social issues in our local and global community. 

What we are recognising is that technology doesn’t innovate – people do. Technology is only what amplifies innovation. Amongst all this change & innovation brought about by the pandemic, we are also realising that change is not easy.  Change is hard because we are human, and human instinct tells us to fear change. It’s because of this that confronting this ‘business as usual’ approach is difficult and at times even impossible. 

Now more than ever, during these confusing and uncertain times, I want to contribute my skills. So I am making myself available both personally and professionally to offer support where needed. All that I’m introducing to my clients, I’m applying in my own businesses and family because we are all in this together, and together we can survive and thrive on the other side. 

From now until the end of summer I am hosting small group – breakfast networking opportunities –  to allow business owners to network and discuss the challenges and opportunities to look out for to get their business through the end of this pandemic. 

If you can’t make time for breakfast please instead be in touch and we’ll catch up for a coffee.

Emma & I look forward to our next coffee with you and until then stay safe.

Lejo Ouwendyk FCPA

Kennerlys Chief Executive Officer


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