Kennerlys is here to help you through this 

2020 is proving to be a very tough year for many amongst our Community. Tough times call for us all to adapt to the changing landscape and use our resilience to get through. The fiscal stimulus our Government has released is much needed relief to many sectors of our Community but the job is not yet finished. The upcoming October Budget is an important milestone for encouraging business investment and jobs, to lift ourselves out of this crisis.

Our Team is committed to helping you work through these tough times,  access government stimulus programs, and plan for your recovery. 

It is in tough times that we often see people rise and lead above the rest, this has been the case with one of our Team Leaders – Emma Hindmarsh who I have recently promoted to Associate Director of the Firm. We congratulate Emma on achieving this milestone in her career and look forward to her contributions to lead and inspire our Clients and Team. 

Emma & I look forward to our next coffee with you and until then stay safe.

Lejo Ouwendyk FCPA

Kennerlys Chief Executive Officer


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