Welcome to 2020

A new year and a new decade are ahead of us. This is a perfect time to take time to ask yourself WHY do you do what you do? I believe that with first knowing your “WHY” then aligning it to your vision you will become the success you want to be. 

“people don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it….”   Simon Sinek (Author & Speaker: Start with Why)

My WHY is to inspire people to create a financial pathway and achieve their financial goals, whether its running a business, setting up for retirement or saving for an investment property. 

Over the next decade I look forward to being able to inspire people on their financial journey.

Kennerlys is turning 30! – This year marks our 30th anniversary of supporting you, our Kennerlys family. We look forward to celebrating this milestone with you.

It’s fitting that 2020 also refers to perfect vision, as this is the perfect time to solidify your vision for the next decade. 

The devastating bushfires in our Eastern States will mean many of our countrymen will be reassessing all facets of their personal and business lives and future as they slowly rebuild their communities and livelihoods. Without a doubt many lives will be rebuilt because of their spirit of WHY they do what they do. It’s a stark reminder to all of us that as we go about our daily business and home life we must do so sustainably, consciously and with humility.

Many people, including business owners of small to large firms, investors, retirees and general wage-earners in Western Australia, have had some challenging years over the last decade. But we have made it through these tough times and I hope you are eager to set up for the 2020s by understanding your WHY, crystallising your vision, and prioritising business and personal goals to achieve them.

Green shoots?Fortunately, we are starting to see the green shoots of business growth with State, Federal and private investment in new rail, mining, civil and construction projects. This will hopefully lead to increasing business confidence and have a positive flow-on effect for most industries in our State. Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later.

2020As the new decade dawns I also look forward to seeing clients take hold of the many opportunities for new business in our world that is rapidly evolving around technology services like cloud computing, internet of things, machine learning and AI. As the decade progresses many of us are going to find that not only our success but survival in business is going to be dependent on how good our technology foundation is.  

2,000 coffees down and many more to go! 

You’ve probably read in my blogs over the past couple of years about my 10,000 coffees’ goal. This is all in part of my WHY and vision over the coming decade to develop Kennerlys into an integrated go-to firm for all your financial needs. I set this goal to connect with current and prospective clients, staff, business partners, community and industry peers and leaders over the course of 10,000 coffees. While I love coffee, I also love helping clients solidify their vision and then plan and achieve their business and personal wealth goals.  

Let’s get together soon for a chat over coffee and see how we can be there for you over the coming year.