We know you’re an expert in your trade and profession, But often the pitfalls of business ownership and creation can be better navigated when you have expertise and experience on your side.

Kennerlys has been guiding and advising business owners across all industries for over two decades. We’ve made it our business to be the angel on your shoulder when you make big decisions about your business, giving you valuable financial advice to help you make your next move.

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Your big plan needs to become a reality. And for that, it often needs financing.

At Kennerlys, we can get you the right finance at the right price to ensure that you can easily service the debt in line with your cash flow. We have access to multiple lenders so we can ensure you get the best deal for your situation.

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Whether your goal is to send your kids to university or to retire on a yacht in the Mediterranean, investing is essential in getting where you want to go in life. As the old saying goes, “Money isn’t everything, but happiness alone can’t keep out the rain.”

The highly experienced team at Kennerlys specialise in helping to identify suitable investment options for you to meet a range of investment objectives.

At Kennerlys we manage risk prudently, prize strong, sustainable returns, and always act with integrity. Get in touch today to grow your portfolio with us.


There’s a lot to consider as you’re approaching retirement. Can you maintain a large enough income to let you retire with the lifestyle you always wanted? Are you planning on leaving something for the kids? What can you do now to ensure you don’t worry about money later?

Kennerlys has helped thousands of Australians in preparing for their retirement. From transition to retirement schemes to setting up portfolios that pay you while you sleep, we can help you make the jump to retirement comfortable, hassle-free and enjoyable.

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It’s easy to get complacent about your financial plans.

Even a well thought out, researched and strongly implemented financial plan is subject to fluctuating market conditions and the changing international business landscape.

Kennerlys are specialists in creating effective, easy-to-understand financial plans which are sharply tailored for your evolving needs. No matter your current situation, Kennerlys can produce a way forward which suits you perfectly.

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