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the JobKEEPER payment process in 3 steps 

If your business is affected by the coronavirus, you may be eligible to access the JobKeeper payment to assist you to be able to continue paying your employees.


Confirm employees on your business portal from the 04/05/2020


Receive payment from the ATO

notify your employees


Complete JOBKEEPER declaration report

Submit an ongoing monthly JobKeeper declaration report

Need More Assistance? The Kennerlys team is here to help

If you would like us to help complete the enrollment process for you and maintain your monthly JobKEEPER declaration report, we will need the following forms  completed and returned to our office.

THE Jobkeeper

Payment payroll cycle 

The JobKEEPER payment period commenced from Monday the 30th of March and will apply for 13 fortnights until Sunday the 27th of September 2020. 

Employers will require to notify the ATO (via a monthly declaration form) of the employees for which they wish to claim the JobKEEPER payment after the last day of the last full fortnight in the calendar month. 

Please see the table to the right, which outlines the payroll cycle given by the ATO.

Website JobKEEPER calandar landscape

What Does Lejo Have To Say?

Listen to Dan and Lejo discuss the latest release info around the jobKEEPER program, the addition to the cashflow support stimulus package as well as some state government bonuses for those paying payroll tax, utility bills for small businesses and what the banks have on offer.

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