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Why seek advice?

We all save some of our hard earned income for that rainy day, but are you sure you are making the most of opportunities when it comes to investing and/or saving for retirement? Will you have enough to retire comfortably? Does your Super Fund contain the right mix of investments for your current stage of life? Are you exposing your precious assets and savings to unnecessary risks? These are just a few of the reasons people like yourself look for financial planning advice from professionals.

Kennerlys Private Wealth draws on a wealth of knowledge and experience to advise you on the most effective wealth creation and wealth protection strategies possible, giving careful consideration to your investment choices, appropriate investments, and tax effective investment strategies.

To help you secure your financial future and live a quality lifestyle, Kennerlys will help you define your financial goals, and provide you with innovative strategies, solutions and investments to reach them. We can offer you peace of mind knowing you have a financial planner that will look after your assets, and help you plan for a successful and enjoyable retirement.

We pride ourselves on offering financial advice that is balanced to meet your goals while aiming to expand your current understanding of investments and the various risks that you are likely to face. We provide personalised financial advice that carefully considers your attitude to risk and investment objectives, whilst aiming to maximize your returns.

Some reasons why you might seek advice from Kennerlys Private Wealth:

  • You need a personal superannuation plan or want to establish a Self Managed Super Fund
  • You want to ensure your family and business is protected from the financial consequences of death and disability
  • You have received an inheritance and want to know how to invest it wisely
  • You would like advice on an existing investment portfolio
  • You have recently received a redundancy
  • You are unhappy with the financial advice you are currently receiving

Investment Philosophy

Our clients have long-term objectives to build and preserve wealth. Consequently our investment philosophy, and the strategies we implement, will be developed with a long-term view.

We rely on proven investment fundamentals which endure through the full range of economic circumstances. We believe in diversification across a range of asset classes, and also within each market. We base our recommendations on research and we know that a weighing of both risk and the opportunity for returns are essential.

Kennerlys Private Wealth will ensure risks are spread intelligently and will aim to produce successful long-term outcomes for our clients (eg over five years or more)

Our Financial Planning Process

Our aim at Kennerlys Private Wealth is to offer a professional, trustworthy and personalised service to help you reach your financial goals and to become your financial partner for life.

Meet: We start with gaining an overall understanding of you and your financial and family situation. We explain our business model, how we operate and our fee structure and present you with our Financial Services Guide. We also answer any questions you have at this early stage.

Explore: At our second meeting we delve deeper to understand your goals and objectives, your family situation and work life, current financial position and your attitudes to investing. A Letter of Engagement is signed outlining the nature of our services, advice and fees.

Strategic Advice: Our clients are spread across different stages of life and have unique backgrounds and needs. Therefore after our discussions, we will prepare a detailed financial plan containing strategies and investment and wealth protection ideas that are specific to your circumstances. It will also outline the risks involved and will tell you about the strengths and any weaknesses of your personal plan. We follow this with a Statement of Advice (SoA.)

Implement: We know that having a plan is one thing, but putting it into action can be easier said than done. So we assist you to implement the recommended strategies in your SoA. At this point, we issue our invoice for fees. We follow up with you when all implementation is completed and schedule your first review meeting. Where appropriate, we can work with your Kennerlys Accountant to view your total financial, accounting and taxation picture.

Review: On an ongoing basis we will monitor your financial performance and position to ensure you are on track to achieve your financial goals and reach the destination we mapped out. However, our world is full of change -- the market changes, your business changes, family circumstances change. And so we keep an eye on these changes and keep our discussions open with you, so we can modify your financial journey as required.

We pride ourselves on developing a close and ongoing relationship with you as we travel this financial journey together – you really will feel like part of the Kennerlys family.

Lifestage Planning

Understandably, your financial goals will change over time. You need a financial plan to suit the stage of life you are in. Here are some common needs of each life stage which you can discuss with Kennerlys Private Wealth.

In your 20s and 30s

  • Save for your first home sooner
  • Develop a savings and investment plan to build long-term wealth
  • Review your budget so you can save for a holiday, education, renovations
  • Ensure you have adequate levels of life insurance cover to protect your assets and lifestyle for your family
  • Ensure you have a superannuation plan suitable to build long term wealth
  • Seek to build other investment assets outside the family home and superannuation

40s and 50s

  • How to pay off your home loan sooner
  • Saving for your children’s secondary and tertiary education
  • Ensure your superannuation is structured appropriately for you
  • Determining your retirement goals
  • Protect your current wealth


  • Are you on-track to meet your retirement goals
  • Strategies to minimise tax
  • Recommending investment strategies to maximise capital growth and regular income from retirement assets


  • Fine-tuning investment strategies throughout retirement
  • Estate planning
  • Investing money for grandchildren

As financial planners, we know that life does not always go to plan, we want you to know you can turn to us for financial advice at any time, to minimise hardship or uncertainty, and determine another path to meet your financial goals and objectives.

Financial partner for life

When you are a part of the Kennerlys family you receive award-winning client service for all your tax, accounting, bookkeeping and family business financial needs. How nice will it be when you can have the same Kennerlys team also assist with your financial planning and personal wealth management and protection throughout your life?

Now Kennerlys can offer advice and help you put strategies in place for you and your family’s financial life journey. Our clients have always been part of the Kennerlys family, and now with our private wealth services, Kennerlys is your financial partner for life.

2013 BRW Client Choice Awards

KENNERLYS was announced the Best Accounting Firm (Revenue: less than $50 million) in the 2013 BRW Client Choice Awards on Wednesday 13th March 2013.

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Our Clients

  • "I have been impressed by the level of assistance I have been given during the process of trying to improve my business, even in the face of difficulty and feel that I have always been made to feel valued as a client."

    Anon 2014 Client Survey
  • "I would like to thank you for providing The Factory with a Financial Management reporting system that gives us the tools to ensure we are capitalising on all areas of our business. We value the input and management skills you provide to us on an ongoing basis to assist us in maintaining our direction for the future."

    "Your knowledge of current trends and issues and management of our reporting processes are invaluable at our monthly meetings to ensure that we are following our plan for the future success of our company."

    Carol Taylor (Finance Manager, The Factory (Australia) Pty Ltd)
  • We have been dealing with Sue Peterson since 1992 and wouldn't go anywhere else - and she is always available prior to biz hours.

    Anon 2014 Client Survey